How to Donate Shoes

Steps to donating shoes


Gather a pair or pairs of athletic running shoes that you believe you have no use for. Any shoes count, whether it be children's, men's or women's shoes. 

Criteria for donating shoes


Before donating shoes, Sole2Soul wants to ensure that the shoes collected follow our guidelines. In doing so, we can reduce the risk of injury of future recipients. 

If your shoes pass the test, then we will contact you about collecting these shoes.

Tale of the Sole


If you have decided to donate your shoes, HOORAY! Just follow our check off list to make sure that the shoe is prepared to tell its tale.

□ Make sure the shoe is clean. If the shoe needs some cleaning, put it in the wash at the lowest time slot on cool. Once you’ve washed them, you can put them out in the sun to be dried.

□ Once your shoe has been cleaned – fill out the Tale of the Sole form by clicking here. The form will have instructions.

□ Now your shoe is ready to be distributed to a recipient. You can let us know that your shoe is ready by emailing us at We can let you know where the nearest location of Coaches who are ready to receive your shoe OR the nearest drop off locations to your home.

Outreach Events


We will post a calendar soon of all the events we will be hosting. 

Donate your Running Shoes


Our Donor Survey

Do you have shoes you wish to donate?  Take our survey today! - Sole2Soul thanks you for your time.