What's Sole2Soul?


Our Mission and Our Vision

To provide athletic shoes to low income youths and communities. It is through these shoes we wish to promote sustainability and  healthy lifestyle in the Bay Area as well as around the world.

Our Vision is to see a world where everyone is mindful of our environment. Furthermore, we hope to teach others to nurture our environment and become considerate of their own physical well-being.   


The Problem We are Trying to Solve

The budget for low income public schools athletic departments range from $96 to $926 per year, which provides little to no access to quality athletic resources. Annually, the United States wastes one million pounds of material per person. 28 % of 13- to 17-year-olds from low income students  play team sports, which gives rise to health issues among the youth of these areas. 


How you can help

Be the change you wish to see and become involved within your own community.  Let us know if we can come to your youth group and deliver the message. Through Sole2Soul and our importance of community and sustainability we can and WILL make a difference.  

If you are a coach, student, school or organization who needs running shoes , email us at  We are currently collecting names and identifying areas where we can make a difference.  

Russell Agustin - Tales of the Sole

What is Sole2Soul all about? Meet Russell Agustin, the changemaker behind this nonprofit.


The Power of Sustainability

Sole2Soul's Role

Our goals is to provide shoes to youth who wish to start living healthier lifestyles.  Sole2Soul provides a platform for a personalized donation experience, where the donor has the opportunity to inspire the recipient. In addition we provide information on sustainability to further educate the youth. Through the reuse and re-purpose of running shoes, a community has the ability to come together and unite to make a difference in not only our youth but the world as well. In total, the youth empower themselves and sustain their environment!

A Message from Russell


The SOUL of Sole2Soul


Thank you for taking the time out to visit Sole2Soul.  It is my hope that the message of sustainability and healthy living reaches our youth.  Equally important is the message of community - one people - one planet! We must take charge of our own well - being and environment. We can do this TOGETHER!

But what if we lose oursense of community? It was questions like this that bothered me at an extremely young age when my family and I had the opportunity to visit an Indian Reservation.  

My older sister, had made it to Nationals for USATF Track and Field and my parents decided to take my siblings and I on a roadtrip to show us America.  The sights were beautiful, yet the one image that bothered me to this day, is the image of the living conditions on this Reservation.  I decided back then that I would try to do something about this and the best that I  could do was to form a non-profit. I decided that this non-profit would bring people and planet together, bringing to light the importance of community. This in turn would bring forth the message of being accountable for others in the world. 

I hope that Sole2Soul reminds everyone that we have one planet that needs to erase the color lines and divisiveness that we see. Furthermore, it is our duty to help those in need; we must not stand idly by. 

This non profit has much maturing to do  and as I visit schools and meet with others who are mission aligned to make a difference, I realize that HOPE is not lost. If everyone put in effort - we could all make a difference in the world. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my non profit and the cause behind it.  I am always open to hear about suggestions or feedback. 

Russell Agustin 


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