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Who we are

Sole2Soul is a non-profit organization that fosters awareness in our youth about sustainability through re-use  and repurpose.  We want to empower the youth so that they can make decisions to live healthier lives through the sport of running while being mindful of the place that we call home - Earth.  


Sole2Soul builds its foundation on our communities.  Together we can achieve healthy living for our youth through the strength of our community and the understanding that we are one plane, one people with a goal of seeing a healthier tomorrow.  

How to get involved

As we await the approval of our 501c3, we are taking this time to build awareness through spreading the word in our communities and understanding where the needs are to establish Sole2Soul in our youth groups.  


Sustainability through REUSE & REPURPOSE

Our goals is to provide shoes to youth who want to start  living healthier lifestyles.  Sole2Soul provides a platform for a personalized donation experience, where the donor has the opportunity to inspire the receipient.  Through the reuse and repurpose of running shoes, a community can come together to make a difference in our youth.

What we need

If you are a coach or a student who needs running shoes , email us at s2sbayarea@gmail.com.  We are currently collecting names and identifying areas where we can make a difference.  

Empowering a COMMUNITY

Be the change and be involved with your community.  Let us know if we can come to your youth group and deliver the message that through Sole2Soul community and sustainability can and will make a difference.  

A Message from Russell

The Here and the NOW


Thank you for taking the time out to visit Sole2Soul.  It's my hope that the message of sustainability and healthy living reaches our youth.  Equally important is the message of COMMUNITY - one people - one planet.... and that ultimately the success of citizens of planet Earth rest on the citizens of planet Earth.  

But what if we lose that sense of community? What if fairness and equality did not exist ?  Those were the questions that bothered me at a young age (I think I was 6) when my family and I visited an Indian Reservation.  

My older sister, had made it to Nationals for USATF and my parents decided to make a road trip and to show us America.  The sites were beautiful, yet the one image that bothers me to this day, is the image of the living conditions on a Reservation.  I decided back then that I would try to do something about this and the best that this Filipino-American could do was to form a non-profit that would put together people, planet, and bring back that sense of community. To help all of us remember that we are accountable for one another. 

I hope that Sole2Soul reminds everyone that we have one planet that needs to erase the color lines and divisiveness that we see.  

This non profit has a lot of growing up to do and as I visit schools and meet with others who are mission aligned to make a difference, I realize that HOPE is not lost and that if we really thought about it - we could all make a difference. 

Thank you for taking time to learn about my non profit.  I am always open to hear about suggestions or feedback. 

Russell Agustin 

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